AM121119-01 COLCO La Quinta – Garden of the Gods


Listing Description

Street4385 Sinton Rd
CityColorado Springs
Zip/Postal Code80907
Listed By (One of the following must be checked):Broker/Agent, Owner, Broker/Agent Owned, REO
Number of Units111
Type of ListingFranchise
Year Built2009
# of Floors4
# of Buildings1
Lot Size1.5 Acres
LandLeased Land
Room Revenue$1.6M (Should be Dollars Amt)
F&B Income$500K
Other Income$500,000.00
Features:Interior Corridor, Exterior Corridor, Mixed Corridor, Living Quarters, Breakfast Room, Restaurant, Lounge/Bar, Business Center, Indoor Pool, Hot Tub, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Elevator, Guest Laundry, Meeting Space
Meeting Space Capacity50